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Accepts 21 levels of Narrow Planks (Up To 5/8" Thick.)Steel Frame and Plastic Fingers. A Lightweight,
 Yet Very Strong Display Only 15lbs.

Display narrow planks from 4" up to 8"? With the "Trough" accessory.


Add eye-catching sales graphics by adding a "Footer" sign that just snaps in place. Standard size is 10-1/2" x 3"


Accessorize it with a "Header" sign above your product with our "sign post" accessory. Standard size is 18" x 8"


Individually boxed and lightweight (only 6 lbs for the "21-Count version). Resists damage when shipping UPS. Great for tradeshows too!



Foot-print: 15-5/8" wide x 31-1/8" deep x 27-3/4" tall  (slots are 11/16")



Click the image link to download or print a detailed spec sheet for your records:


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