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ABOUT US With over 35 years of Display design experience dealing 
with tile displays. ThomasRECOM can and has been the premier source for custom and standard showroom loose tile displays and sample boards.

Originally ThomasRECOM provided only display design consulting but over the years the company has grown into providing finished products from design concept to delivered product. ThomasRECOM has concentrated on delivering tile display and wine rack products that "fit" the customers needs. Practicality has always been at the forefront of all design-work, with the customers' needs taken into consideration in all aspects of their display solution.


Today ThomasRECOM is proud to be a leader in design and manufacturing of displays to the tile, stone, hardwood . ThomasRECOM offers practical retail tile displays that are maintenance-free,
easy-to-assemble, cost-effective that are MADE IN THE USA!


ThomasRECOM's displays add a brilliant new dimension to commercial tile showrooms and trade show floors. Engineered with precision, ThomasRECOM's tile displays accent the products they are intended to exhibit, without drawing overt attention to themselves.


While some of ThomasRECOM's tile display products are standard stocked items, ThomasRECOM's real value to you is in our ability to take your idea and fully design it form scratch. ThomasRECOM has the manufacturing capabilities to tweak any of their display products or custom-build displays tailored to your own personal or corporate needs.


Mike Thomas is owner and the Senior display designer Mike Thomas display designer for ThomasRECOM. He holds a degree in Industrial Product Design from Auburn University's School of Industrial Product Design.


Mike has over 35 years of professional design and manufacturing experience and worked on patented products and also personally owns a patent.


His manufacturing process experience ranges from plastic molding, plastic fabrication, wire product manufacturing, sheet-metal, and wood just to name a few.


Mike has always had a passion for design and this translates into the products shown on this website and this passion will also be shown in your custom designed product. Please send us your display design idea and expect a quick sketch back for your review.


You can email me at  mike@thomasrecom.com for more information
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Please ask us any questions you like about our pre-engineered products or our custom design services. If you have any special needs, let us know what they are and we will contact you within on working day to discuss them further. We respect your privacy and do not share your information with anyone outside of our company.


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