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SHIPPING INFORMATION PROCESS We can ship anywhere in the world. See below some helpful information to consider when we ship your displays.


Outside Florida: Subject to quotation. Upon you deciding what items you will purchase we then estimate the pallet size and weight and get competitive prices from various shipping companies.


UPS: UPS is our preferred parcel service for shipping packages but occasionally we will also use Fed-Ex.


A note about our products shipped via parcel service: We ship many packages of our products via UPS. We feel our packaging is sufficient to withstand normal shipping abuse. Despite this we still find that occasionally items are damaged. At this time we have been forced to implement a stipulation for our orders. We ask that if you decide to order from us and have your items shipped UPS that you agree to open and inspect the items for damage while the UPS driver is present (then refuse the shipment if you find damage). If you take receipt of our goods without first inspecting it  WE WILL NOT refund or replace the items. We apologize for this inconvenience and hope you understand our position on this matter. You may decide not to order because of this. If so we understand and hope you will consider us in the future for shipments that are large or heavy enough to be shipped on pallets/skids.


Packaging: Many of our products are offered "Bulk-Packed" or "1/Carton". "Bulk-Packed" means that, on a pallet, we will simply stack up the loose parts of your display one on top of the other, we will apply cardboard wrapping and also rigid corner protectors, then we will surround the stack with many, many very tight layers of shrink wrap and then we put a minimum of 2 bands on the stack. "1/Carton" is just that; we put all the parts for one display in an individual box or carton.


Shipping Damage: We take great pride in our product quality and we take great pains to make sure your product gets to you in the same shape as when we loaded it. Despite all this, occasionally the carriers might dump a pallet and damage your products. When your order arrives we strongly suggest you inspect it while the driver is still present. If you find ANY damage you should ask the driver to note it on his shipping documents and if possible it is very helpful to photograph the damage and be sure to get an overall shot of the whole order. This helps (but does not guarantee) that the carrier will reimburse you for the cost of the damage.





Below image showing our typical packaging for UPS shipment. Note the "fragile" stickers, corner protectors, and 2 bands in both directions.

Below images showing our typical packaging for LTL shipment Palletized). Product is wrapped with corrugate, corner protectors, wrapped with many layers of shrink wrap and then 2 bands in both directions.


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