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DISPLAY TOWER Places your samples in the best possible position for maximum viewing Display rectangular planks or square tiles and also swatch boards. Call us to design this display with your specific quantity of shelves or your specific size. Sign clips at top so you can add your signage. We design it to your specifications. Call us to get this display in the specific width how the specific quantity of shelves you require. All steel construction, very sturdy square tube fully welded. Black wrinkle color is standard. Finish is durable "powder-coat". Many colors available at higher production quantities. Fold-able rear prop for smaller shipping size.
This display This is a pre-engineered display, meaning we have a basic design that we use and you specify how many shelves and how wide, with or without a sign. The display is all steel construction and has a folding back prop. Our typical standard color is texture black but we can powder-coat to any color you need. This is a very basic design. We have made many variations of this design for each customers specific requirements. We work with you to design exactly what you need. We provide detailed engineering drawings during the design process so we can get the design just right before you place your order. Call us to start the discussions: Mike: 1-800-973-2660 or email us at mike@thomasrecom.com


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